Anti-Gun Houston Police Chief Has Creepy Message for NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo got more than he bargained for when he ended up in a head-to-head Twitter battle with spitfire NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch after relentlessly trolling the gun rights advocacy group and publically expressing his dedication to disarming American citizens.

“It all started when Acevedo wrote a controversial Facebook post with strong Democratic overtones that said that he was ‘not interested’ in the public’s views on gun rights because, as he suggested, guns are ‘the problem,'” reports The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra.

“That message and some of Acevedo’s other far-left stances on issues drew the attention of Loesch, who called him out over it,” he explains.

Acevedo, a far-left Democrat whose Twitter account features a pinned tweet from the Houston’s Women’s March and retweeted videos from Now This about other far-left democrat police chiefs in favor of disarming American citizens, had been railing against the NRA on Twitter as well, it appears, when a segment from Loesch’s NRA TV show called him out, which was then tweeted by the NRA.

“You don’t even honor immigration laws, so how can we expect you to honor and respect the Second Amendment and the laws governing,” she said in her segment on Acevedo’s ranting against the gun rights group.

To which he nearly incoherently fired back, “Another lie keep it up. You have deep pockets. Bye forever or until we meet in court.”


So now criticizing someone’s political platform is illegal? He didn’t stop there, either. His incoherence fully intact, he made a very bizarre comment about “watching” Dana, and clearly wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Dana is famous for never backing down from a fight, whether that’s in twitter or in a courtroom, and Acevedo went one step too far. His creepy threat to “be on notice we are watching you,” as Dana laid out, potentially admitted to something illegal.