‘Angry Salon Customers’ Show Up Outside Pelosi’s House To Protest; Hang Hair Curlers In Her Tree

Americans have been extremely displeased with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she decided to visit a hair salon in San Francisco, violating coronavirus orders and appearing without a mask on in security footage that was released last week.

The individuals who partook in this little event last Thursday, showed up wearing hair curlers, while others hung hair dryers and curlers in trees outside of Pelosi’s home.

The video footage has resulted in massive backlash from folks on both sides of the aisle, as it reveals the hypocrisy and elitist attitude not only in the Speaker, but in the vast majority of Democratic politicians.

via Fox News:

“What she has done is slap the face of not just a salon owner but every woman every man every person who’s unemployed in the state of California who has lost their jobs and lost their livelihoods many of whom are my friends,” one protester said, San Francisco’s KRON-TV reported.

Salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and were only notified that they could reopen on Sept. 1 for outdoor hairstyling services only.

According to a video posted by SF Chronicle reporter Jessica Christian, the group decorated a tree outside the home with an American flag, declaring it the “Freedom Tree.”

“[We] gather to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to earn a living and feed their families,” a protester said shortly before the group lifted their hands together.

This particular incident has revealed to the masses what major career politicians really think about their positions of power. In the long run, they view those of us in the citizenry as puppets who are supposed to do as they say and ignore what they do. Laws, rules, and mandates are for us, the peons, while they sit above the law.

Some might see the reaction to the video as being out of proportion, but they aren’t getting the message these optics are sending. Again, this isn’t about her just visiting a salon. It’s about lording power and authority over others and believing you are above the law because you are in politics.

Politicians serve the people. It’s not the other way around.