Angry Black Activist Begs For Folks To Vote For Biden, Says ‘Biden F***ing Sucks, But Vote For Him Please!’

A black activist is desperate for folks to get rid of President Donald Trump this go around by begging for people to vote for Joe Biden, even though, according to him, he “f***ing sucks.”

Boy, that’s a ringing endorsement, isn’t it?

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

“…to take advantage and take control of your government, take control of your cities, vote. Yes, I know Joe Biden f***ing sucks, but vote for him, please. Like, please. Please. Please,” the activist said. “I hate saying this whole ‘vote for Biden’ thing because two-party system, either way they still working for the same goals. But at least, at least Biden doesn’t have that and I hate saying that, but please, do not vote for Trump and don’t vote for Kanye. And please don’t vote for Ted Wheeler’s b***h a*s again.”

The activist was part of a group that marched through a Portland residential neighborhood, screaming, “Wake up! Wake up motherf***er wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up motherf***er wake up!”

Here’s how the Portland Police Department has described the activities of the group in question:

In the evening hours of August 20, 2020, two events took place in Portland. One group gathered at Kenton Park located on the 8400 block of North Brandon Avenue. The group left the park around 7 p.m. and began marching throughout neighborhoods in North Portland. While the group marched, streets were blocked. The group stopped briefly outside of the Portland Police Association office on the 1800 block of North Lombard Street. For a couple hours, the group marched through North Portland and later dispersed after returning to Kenton Park.

How about we just skip all of this craziness? Anyway to do that? No?

Well, so much for wishful thinking.

Anyway, while I definitely don’t agree with voting for Biden, I’ll agree with this fellow that Crazy Uncle Joe isn’t that great of a guy.