Amid Spike In Violent Crime, NY Congressman Calls For Bill De Blasio To Be Removed From Office

New York City is experiencing a massive increase in the amount of violent crime taking place on its streets, much of that having to do with very poor choices made by NY Mayor Bill de Blasio to cut $1 billion in funding from law enforcement to appease protesters angry over the death of George Floyd.

As it turns out, Congressman Lee Zeldin has had enough of watching de Blasio’s poor leadership destroy the city he loves and put the citizens that live there in danger, so he’s demanding that the mayor be booted from office.

via The Washington Examiner:

An increase in shootings and crime in general has plagued New York City so far in 2020, specifically in the weeks and months since the death of George Floyd on May 25. His death sparked protests, both peaceful and violent, on New York streets and in other cities.

More than 100 people were injured by 83 shootings during a nine-day time period from June 19-27 in New York City, and at least six of those victims died.

Last week, at least 14 people were shot in 10 shootings during a nine-hour period in the city, resulting in one death.

To give you a snapshot of how bad things have gotten, shootings between June 15 and July 2 are up 205 percent from last year during the same period of time.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that reducing police presence on the street is a pretty horrible idea. Yet, despite this obvious fact, de Blasio has removed the plainclothes anti-crime unit, giving criminals and dangerous thugs more freedom than ever to terrorize folks.

This man truly doesn’t deserve to be in leadership over a large city. It’s time for the folks of New York City to reject Democratic policies and elect someone who will be tough on crime and make the streets safe again. You can guarantee Bill de Blasio is not the right man for the job.