Alyssa Milano Wants You To Chant With Her Each Morning For A “Change of The Guard”

I suppose all that “believe in yourself and you can do anything” stuff we were fed as kids is to blame for the sheer insanity out of Alyssa Milano’s recent tweets.

As impeachment proceedings roll onward, Milano urged her followers to help usher in a “change of the guard” with, of all things, a yoga pose and chant regimen.


In order to “manifest” the hyper-partisan, unlawful removal of a sitting president, Milano wants you to chant this for seven minutes each day: “Believe in believing. The impossible is possible,” while thinking of the “special world” she wants to create.

Any eager participants in the woo must lay in a Shavasana yoga pose, also called “the corpse pose,” which is literally just laying down and being totally still. Then, they must envision the world they’d like to create, which I’m thinking probably looks something like the world in Bladerunner.

Sounds like a blast. I predict it will be about as riveting and effective as the sex strike she called for in support of women’s rights to murder their unborn children.