Alyssa Milano Unleashes Profanity-Laced Rant at Trump Over Border Clashes, Instantly Gets Schooled By Twitter

Alyssa Milano is at it again, that is to say, she never really stops whining about all the hardships of being a left-wing Hollywood star, she just got particularly upset this week.

If you’ve been following the news, you’re no doubt aware that the libs are currently all in a tizzy over the women and children that look extraordinarily like mostly military-aged males who tried to peacefully and lawfully walk across the Southern border in a manner that confusingly resembled violently storming an entry point while throwing rocks at LEOs.

It must have been a really weird camera angle. From fifteen different cameras that captured the event.

At any rate, these “women and children” got pepper sprayed, and it’s basically like the holocaust all over again, so you can imagine Milano along with the dedicated warriors of the keyboard outrage brigade were tweeting up a storm.

Milano’s looked something like this (warning: coarse language because homegirl was TRIGGERED):

In case you were not aware, the amount of curse words you use in a single tweet is always in direct proportion to how virtuous and compassionate you are, so Milano is clearly a saint as she is impressively demonstrating here.

By “we” do you mean whoever would actually bring children along with an angry mob to storm an entry point of the nation with the most powerful military on the planet? Because if so, yeah, seriously, what are we doing? That seems like a really, really bad idea (spoiler: it’s not quite what it looks like.)

Unfortunately for Alyssa, all her virtue signaling was no match for Twitter.

“Twitterers immediately schooled Milano,” the Daily Wire explains, “noting that then-president Barack Obama had pepper-sprayed demonstrators there when a similar assault on the border occurred in 2013.”

Turns out those “women and children”, the few who were among the crowd, weren’t so innocent either.