Alan Dershowitz Smashes AG Garland, Says His Speech Was , ‘Over The Line’

Alan Dershowitz, a civil liberties legal expert, promised during a recent interview with Newsmax, that he would stand up and defend nonviolent protests at school board meetings after Attorney General Merrick Garland started to mobilize the FBI and U.S. Attorneys to “investigate and prosecute” protests that take place at school board meetings.

“I’ll defend anybody who is chilled in their free speech,” Dershowitz stated during an interview on  “Saturday Report,” going on to denounce the politicization of the ACLU. “Anybody who wants to protest at school boards and is going to do it nonviolently, can count on me.”

“It used to be we were able to count on the American Civil Liberties Union, but they’re dead in the water when it comes to issues like this. They ought to be protesting this as well,” he continued.

via Newsmax:

While there have been some threats of violence at local school board meetings, Garland should “pull back” on his memo this week threatening to investigate and prosecute school board meeting protests by parents.

“There have been some threats of violence, but not enough to, in my view, justify the extreme measure of sending letters out and calling for FBI investigations,” Dershowitz went on to tell host Carl Higbie. “So, I think the attorney general – who I generally like and admire – ought to pull back and ought to leave it to local authorities, unless they can make a very strong case of violent denial of civil liberties.”

Dershowitz, who has self-described himself as an avowed “liberal Democrat” in past Newsmax appearances, came out strongly against race-based teaching in schools, calling it “propaganda” and protests of it should not be considered “domestic terrorism” as some groups have attempted to argue.

“We all think the attorney general should have the right to prevent violence if it’s in violation of civil rights; on the other hand, protests about Black Lives Matters, if I had a kid in school, I’d be among the protesters. Black Lives Matter, critical legal studies shouldn’t be taught in school,” the civil liberties expert went on to say.

“Critical race theory is anything but critical. It’s uncritical of anything that has to do with racial theory and it’s propaganda. And I would be among the protesters and I would be vociferous in expressing my views on propagandizing my children, and I’m certainly not a terrorist,” he added.

Dershowitz then said that Garland “in perception, at least, he’s gone over the line” by bringing in the federal Justice Department to investigate local crimes and the protests that are happening at these meetings.

“My job as a First Amendment civil libertarian is to defend the views of people I despise –defend the views that I disagree with,” Dershowitz said in conclusion. “So, I will defend the views of people who say some of the most absurd things because once you can censor absurd things, you can then move on to censor more rational things.”