AG Barr Says Feds, National Guard Were Ready To Roll Into Kenosha Immediately After Police Shooting, Reveals Extremists Were From Out Of Town

Attorney General William Barr spoke on Monday, revealing that the federal government and National Guard troops were prepared to roll into the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin to assist local police and other law enforcement agencies in helping to quell the violent protests and riots that exploded after an officer-involved shooting.

He also revealed that the vast majority of those involved in the violence were from out of town.

via The Daily Wire:

“When this shooting occurred here in Kenosha, under the direction of the president, we told the DOD — the Defense Department — to get ready some National Guard units in case they were needed to help here. And from several states, volunteered to supply National Guard if they were needed,” Barr said. “And the president directed me to assemble a group of federal law enforcement that could be dispatched here, which we did, and staged them in Chicago. And we were picking up information that these violent instigators were coming to Kenosha. They were coming from California, Washington state, a lot from Chicago, and they were coming up to Kenosha. So we expected matters to get worse.”

Barr said that the attack was a “coordinated” attack on law enforcement, on public property, and on private property.

“These are the same people, many of them who came from out of town,” Barr said. “Out of 175 arrests, 100 were from out of town. And some — these are the same people using the same tactics that have been used in various cities: Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, now Kenosha, Portland. And they use these black-bloc tactics; throwing projectiles at police and literally trying to inflict injuries on police, arson, and rioting.”

“They came equipped as — even the mayor of Washington acknowledged — they come equipped to fight,” the attorney general added.”And it’s completely unacceptable, and the state is the first line of defense. If local leaders are committed to keeping the public safe, it can be done.”

It’s tragic that Democratic Party leadership in Kenosha and Portland are allowing these awful riots to continue raging on, knowing all they have to do to bring it to an end is ask Trump for help.

How sad is it that they hate this man so much they won’t follow the law and ask for his help? They do not care about the safety of their citizens, only in obeying the marching orders to oppose and resist Trump at all cost.

Folks, they are practically handing the president a second term.