Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano has become obnoxiously political over the last year or so and has decided to do what most celebrities do when they are desperate for relevance: hate on guns.

However, Milano made a pretty big misstep by opting to go after gun rights activist and conservative radio host Dana Loesch.

Wisdom is not something Milano seems to have an abundant supply of, because if she did, perhaps she would’ve thought twice about going after Loesch.

What stated the whole thing was Loesch tweeting about the NRA’s partnership with Project ChildSafe:

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Milano’s reply?

And now Loesch totally obliterates her:

Others joined in the fun too:

That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

Perhaps the next time Milano feels like weighing in on an issue, she’ll actually be educated on both sides of it so that she doesn’t continually embarrass herself like she has here?

Source: Twitchy


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