A Total Of More Than 15,000 Veterans Affairs Patients Have Died From Complications Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus COVID-19 under the microscope. 3d illustration

According to new data, there has been more than 15,000 patients with Veterans Affairs who have passed away as the result of complications caused by the coronavirus since the pandemic started.

More than 2,200 of these deaths came about since the start of August. The death total for the VA does not include the 200 department employees who have died from the disease.

This total puts the death rate for VA patients who test positive for COVID around 4.4 percent, which is a whole lot higher than the current death rate of 1.5 percent for the general public.

via Washington Examiner:

About 35% of the VA patients who died from COVID-19 were among inpatients at various facilities, while the rest were veterans with connections to the VA healthcare system who died at home and were later reported. VA officials have noted that the number is likely higher because they can only account for the deaths of veterans who have connections to the VA medical community.

The Department of Defense has also reported 515 deaths, including military service members, civilians, dependents, and contractors.

As of now, the total number of COVID-related deaths in the United States is around 700,000. The number of global deaths from the virus is 4.8 million, according to the folks over at Johns Hopkins University.