A Judge Has Denied A Request By Democrats To Halt Audit In Maricopa County

A judge has shot down the request of Arizona Democrats to put a stop a Republican supported 2020 election audit taking place in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin, who was assigned to be part of this case on Monday of this week after the original judge decided to recuse himself, also rejected a motion filed by the Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based company doing the audit, to keep its audit policies and procedures under seal.

So yeah. This guy is pretty much shooting everybody down. Guess you can’t get in too much trouble politically if you take that approach.

via Washington Examiner:

The judge ordered that the documents be made public by noon on Thursday, barring action by a higher court, according to 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik.


The Arizona Democratic Party and Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, the sole Democrat on the board, sued to stop the audit last week, raising concerns about adherence to state election laws and regulations.

Attorneys for the Senate and Cyber Ninjas, whose CEO, Doug Logan, has been subject to scrutiny over his promotion of voter fraud allegations and “Stop the Steal” posts on social media, argue that state election regulations don’t apply to the legislature and the audit and are asking the court to keep the audit’s methods under seal as trade secrets.

The audit will not change the results of the presidential election, as officials in the state have already certified President Joe Biden‘s victory, but Arizona Senate President Karen Fann insisted in a radio interview that the audit is meant to restore trust in the system and influence potential changes to the law.

This is true. However, this is not the point of the audit. The audit is to determine whether or not any fraud occurred. American citizens have the right to know if elections they participate in are free and fair.

If they aren’t, then measures need to be taken to ensure that the kind of shenanigans never happens again and that every American vote, which is our voice, is always heard and every election victory earned.