A Friendly Reminder That We Fought and Won A War for Independence From the Crown

If there is any nation on this earth that has a reason, nay, an obligation, to refuse to bow to the British Crown, it’s the US.

While its clear the media would melt down over Trump sneezing wrong, it was particularly telling when they got themselves all riled up over Trump refraining from bowing to the Queen and–apparently this is a bad thing–walking in front of her.

I’d like to kindly remind everyone in the media and in the former colonies that the United States absolutely does not bow to the British Crown.


This is why we are the United States and not the 50 colonies of Great Britain.

25,000 Americans did not give their lives in the most impactful Revolutionary War of all time to see our future Presidents bow to the Queen, they died so that we would no longer have to do just that.

It’s easy to lose sight of this simple fact over 200 years later, when the memory of being beholdent to the British Crown is long gone, but the British people still live their lives as subjects, and the contrast between our two nations in this regard has never been more stark.

While the entire media industrial complex in the United States has it out for our democratically-elected President, in the UK, the government runs the media. 

While Hollywood celebrities and camera crews show up at the Southern border to lament the detained illegal immigrants being held there, the British government arrested a citizen journalist for reporting on a migrant rape case and then banned the media from reporting on it. 

While there are literally thousands of American churches and religious groups in the United States which one can freely take their pick from or refrain from attending altogether, the British government still has its own official church.

While American children who are diagnosed with terminal illness are free to receive any kind of treatment their parents approve of, either here or abroad, Alphie Evans and Charlie Guard were left to die before their parents eyes, banned from traveling to countries who freely offered to treat them and keep them alive.

While American citizens are free to keep and bear firearms to defend their families and communities, British citizens are not only subject to heavy weapons regulations up to and including culinary knives, but some neighborhoods are so dangerous the police won’t even go there.

So no, President Trump absolutely does not and should not have to bow to the Queen. Britain has long been one of our greatest allies, and that’s exactly what the Queen is to us, an ally.

But we will never again be her subject.