A Brand New Gallup Poll Shows That Almost 8 In 10 Parents Favor In-Person Learning

Almost 79 percent of K-12 parents are in favor of in-person learning at schools rather than online learning according to a new poll that was produced by Gallup.

Newsmax has the breakdown:

  • 94% of parents who are Republicans favor in-person learning, while 6% do not.

  • 62% of parents who are Democrats support in-person schooling, compared to 38% who do not.

  • 80% of parents who are independents favor in-person learning, while 20% do not.

  • 82% of parents who work support in-person schooling, compared to 18% who do not.

  • 71% of parent who are not working favor in-person learning, while 29% do not.

  • 90% of parents in the Northeast support in-person schooling, compared to 10% who do not.

  • 83% of parents in the Midwest favor in-person learning, while 17% do not.

  • 78% of parents in the South support in-person schooling, compared to 22% who do not.

  • 72% of parents in the West favor in-person learning, while 28% do not.

  • 13% of working parents say they reduced their work hours to help children with at-home learning.

  • 7% of parents have either quit or taken leaves from their jobs to help children with at-home learning.

The poll was conducted between the dates of Feb. 14-21 and surveyed 860 adults. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 points.

Folks, we’re all getting sick and tired of the nonsense guidelines from the CDC and the Biden administration about the coronavirus. We know masks don’t work like these people say they do.

We also know, thanks to science, that kids aren’t superspreaders and pose little risk to teachers in spreading the virus. Open the schools so kids can get educated.