A Biological Male Won A Women’s Weightlifting Championship. It’s The End Of Women’s Sports

I have to tell you, there’s a little bit of a “kumbaya” element any society needs in order to be peaceful and prosperous. Different strokes, you know?

Some folks like to sleep in on Sundays, some folks believe they’re not their biological gender, heck—some folks believe they’re actually dogs. And, honestly, if it’s kept out of my face and out of public policy, there’s not a whole lot to be done about it. Except maybe avoiding the puppy-man’s house when you go on a walk—he actually does bark at people.

In today’s America, though, simply peaceful, respectful coexistence isn’t enough. The practice of “tolerance” has long been replaced with “acceptance” which is already being rendered obsolete by “celebration”. It’s not enough to merely live alongside your neighbor who prefers to wear dresses while he mows the lawn—you need to affirm him in doing it. And you need to stop calling him “him”, you filthy bigot, you.

All manner of amateur forensic historians like to pinpoint exactly when the decay—not just the decline—of Western civilization began. I can’t give an answer for that, but I can definitely tell you the process is speeding up now that rationality, biology, and science are being muscled out of the public square in favor of feelings, preference, and experience.

Case in point: the invasion of women’s sports by biological male “trans women”. This is a scenario no one on earth before the last couple of generations could ever have imagined, but it’s happening. Careers are being made and broken over it, society is grappling with it, and, well, I’m writing about it.

When men who were born male, live their whole lives as such, experience male puberty (and, along with it, a series of carefully designed physiological changes unique to their sex), and then up and identify as a woman later in adulthood, it stands to reason that they have a hideously unfair advantage against their biological female competitors.

I can’t believe that sentence even needs to be said. But, apparently it does, and a handful of female athletes are speaking up and saying it.

Even some of the staunchest LGBT advocates in the world of sports can see the problem here.

Tennis star Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam champion and an unapologetic lesbian, wrote a highly controversial op-ed back in February complaining that allowing transgender “women” into women’s sports “rewards cheats and punishes the innocent.”

Although she wholeheartedly affirms transgender talking points, Navratilova has rationality enough to draw the line at allowing men to compete against women, especially where careers and livelihoods are on the line. For her trouble, she was promptly ousted from her spot on the board of Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization fighting for the inclusion of LGBTQIAWXYZ athletes in sports.

Just last week, after a transgender person who calls themselves Mary Gregory shattered a handful of women’s weightlifting records and won the 100% Raw Weightlifting Federation competition, even more actual female athletes stepped up to speak out against the insanity.

Sharron Davies, an Olympic medalist, has long been an outspoken critic of allowing men to participate in women’s sports. While she also is an ardent LGBT+ supporter, she devotes much of her social media activity to speaking out against the demise of women’s sports. Sensing a pattern here, anyone?

After Gregory won the powerlifting match, Davies wasn’t having it:

Fellow Olympian Kelly Holmes chimed in as well:

Davies also added that the records Gregory supposedly set should be disregarded, not unlike our treatment of steroid-users and cheaters who win competitions:

Of course, the biggest push for equality is the statement that “trans women” are in fact biological women. Once more, Sharron’s not going along with it:

Davies openly lamented the certain doom of women’s sports this insanity will lead us to:

After the massive backlash sparked by Gregory’s powerlift performance, the 100% Raw Federation finally stepped in to set the record straight:

Their report explains that Gregory entered the competition according to his “identified” gender, not his biological one, breaking their current rules ahead of the creation of a Transgender division. As a result, any records set by Gregory are officially revoked.

Davies and others praised 100% Raw for their decision, but this was just one victory in the culture war. Transgender athletes continue to muscle women out of their own sports division, all amid thunderous applause from the inclusion mafia.

We ain’t gonna last long like this, folks.