$60M A Week Now Being Spent To Shelter Illegal Immigrant Minors

The Biden administration is reportedly spending a whopping $60 million per week to take care of more than 16,000 illegal immigrant minors who are currently being housed in Department of Health and Human Services shelters.

A report from the Washington Post revealed this number in its recent analysis of data from the government.

via Newsmax:

As the number of illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors pouring over the border has surged in the past several weeks, HHS swiftly filled the 7,700 available beds in its shelters. The Post noted the cost of housing each minor is about $290 daily.

In addition, about 8,500 minors are living in emergency facilities in convention centers, converted oil worker camps, and military bases.

The cost of these emergency sites is more than 2½ times higher than the more-permanent shelters “due to the need to develop facilities quickly and hire significant staff over a short period of time,” said Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for HHS’s Administration for Children and Families.

He told the Post that, far exceeding the paper’s calculation, the average daily cost per minor is “approximately $775 per day based on past experience.”

Well, now we know where the vast majority of our tax dollars are going now, don’t we? Think about this for a moment. We are in the middle of a pandemic that devastated our economy. Citizens are without jobs. Companies that were once profitable are now closed down.

Instead of helping our own people, the government is essentially rewarding illegal immigrants who break our laws and come to our country with the promise of free food and healthcare. This is appalling.

These kids deserve better. We deserve better.