It is always so inspiring when women come forward to describe incidents of sexual abuse or assault.  Even if we have no idea if the abuse or assault actually happened. 
"My goal is not to shoot him but get him to surrender."
I know, I know, we're all sick of hearing about the Kavanaugh accusations, but it's taking up 83% of the news cycle right now (FACT) and it's impossible for any sensible person not to at least briefly consider screaming from the rooftops that for the love of all that is holy there's nothing anyone can do to prove or disprove these claims! 
It is possible to hold someone accountable for their wrongdoing and help them at the same time.
It sounds like Michael Moore has found himself in a world so full of progressive hysterics, his work has suddenly become beating a dead horse, even to those who would otherwise agree with his politics. 
I think he's probably got a much more productive future than the rest of the kids associated with the March, who most likely still believe they know everything at 17.
Sen. Kamala Harris is joining Democrats in their attempt to delay the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by backing his accuser and supporting her decision not to testify unless a full FBI investigation is to take place.
"I create Bert. I know what and who he is."
This is it is more vital than ever to defend free speech at home. 
Remember back when Roseanne Barr was fired for making some unsavory comments about former White House aid Valerie Jarrett? Well, in case you've been living under a rock, they've decided to spin off her original show without her, calling it "The Connors."
I agree with Twitter's proposed alternatives. 
If only Salt Bae could dole out shame like he does salt. 
You can either doubt both these women's stories, or you can believe them both, as well as all women. 
Actor Sean Penn recently conducted an interview where he gave some very controversial comments on the whole #MeToo Movement that are sure to leave the left steaming mad.
How can you honestly simultaneously be concerned about a man showing support for police and reliant upon the police to show up and restrict said man's free speech? 
I'd say Gore should stick to his day job, but getting paid gobs of money to make overblown claims about the environment seems to be his day job, so...
The beautiful thing about capitalism is that it co-exists perfectly with free speech.