This is probably the most insane thing you have ever heard from the global warming camp, and that's saying something. 
Liberals have such a funny way of protesting. They love to make a lot of noise, a lot of big spectacle, and a lot of angry comments, and often violence. But when they're held accountable for criminal acts, they always seem surprised.
You just can't make this stuff up--every day, more and more evidence surrounding the Russia investigation leads right back to the bitter outgoing administration that couldn't stand the fact that Trump got elected.
Do you remember Libby Schaaf, the Oakland mayor who tipped off hundreds of illegal immigrants that an ICE raid was planned in the city and warned them to get out of Dodge? Well, it worked--the ICE raid was a failure...
When it comes to corruption, Democratic politicians seem to be in some sort of strange competition with one another to see who can rack up the biggest scandal or who can be crowned the king of waste spending, or...
Little David Hogg took a break from calling law-abiding NRA members "terrorists" and rallying for your natural rights to be taken away to say something...legitimate. 
Instead of suck up the bad publicity for the sake of publicity, CEO Howard Schultz went all-in and instituted a nationwide policy for all Starbucks locations that bathrooms could be used by anyone, not just paying customers. 
The Obama administration is not marked by a particular degree of productivity, so it's no surprise that his education secretary doesn't seem to know how school shootings work. Or how schools work. Or how anything at all works. 
Hillary Clinton, a graduate of Yale Law, was invited to speak at their commencement ceremony over the weekend and took the opportunity to complain, once again, about Trump and how unfair her election loss was, as well as make a bad joke about Russian meddling in the election. 
Kathy Griffin is back. She’s coming to Dallas. She went on the air, her story to tell us. She waxed  quite verbose on TV’s Morning Dose. Her words were all bland; none merit a quote.   When the interview was done, one question remained. Host Jenny...
That "crazy fat kid" in North Korea, as John McCain once affectionately called him, is at it again, after his historic meetings with South Korea president Moon Jae-in at the end of April and a settled date and time for the Trump-Kim meeting had just been established. 
While Avenatti has been going to bat for Stormy Daniels, the porn star allegedly paid off by the Trump camp to keep quiet about an affair they had in 2011, his company has neglected to pay $126,000 to a victim of sex discrimination. 
Another week, another ridiculous media outrage over something relatively insignificant that Trump did. This week, it's his comment that MS-13 members, that is to say, members of a gang whose motto is literally "Rape, Steal, Control" who are known for their particularly violent and torturous methods of killing both gang rivals and innocent people alike...are animals.
This is exactly what got Trump elected, folks. And also exactly why everyone is sick of the mainstream media.
Fox News has finally found a permanent replacement for CEO Roger Ailes, and made history in the process. The company has hired their very first female chief, veteran programming executive Suzanne Scott, who is now also the only woman running...
If you haven't yet caught wind of the outrage about what's going on with Hamas on the barrier wall on the Gaza strip, congratulations, you don't want mainstream news.
The New York Attorney General who was recently accused of explosively cruel sexual abuse after enthusiastically supporting the #MeToo movement (oh, Democrats) seems to have a whole other mess on his hands: he was apparently a total crook of an AG, too. 
I really don't want to just bash liberals all day. I'm sure there are plenty of left-leaning people out there who are intelligent, informed, educated, and think through their opinions.   It's just really hard to believe this is true when...