We are not entirely clear on why Trump thinks that dogs get fired so often, but it's pretty clear this insult has nothing to do with Omarosa's ethnicity or gender. 
The left is determined to galvanize "Notorious RBG" as a hero...and now she even has her own action figure!
No matter what the media says, after eight years of Obama, we know full well he never did a darn thing to boost our economy. 
I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to 2020 already! 
The amount of money that recently-fired anti-Trump texting adulterous former FBI agent Peter Strzok's GoFundMe just raised is pretty telling of the current priorities for the Democratic party. 
Keep it up, Kyle! You're clearly going places--and fighting for the changes that will truly keep children safe in Parkland, and across the nation. 
What are the odds a school is more likely to be shot up if there are trained, armed school resource officers vs if there...aren't? you're saying someone should wait until they have all the evidence before impugning someone's character with allegations of sexual harassment? 
Can we puh-leeze do this in the US too? 
Can the Democrats not find fresh criticism of President Trump?
Chris Pratt is an enormous breath of fresh air in an era of annoying and preachy Hollywood celebrities who assume we care about their radical political views rather than just how well they pretend to be someone they're not on camera. 
Omarosa has been running all over the mainstream media telling everyone what a big fat racist Trump is.  Why exactly? Because how else do you get publicity in 2018? 
It's almost as if they expect a Disney movie to be free of campy stereotypes and caricatures of real life! 
Sacha Baron Cohen has been interviewing unsuspecting people in disguise for years, but he has now been served with a pretty fair challenge from controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio: come back and interview me for real.
And they wonder why we don't trust the media. 
You know things are bad in the UK when Mr. Bean needs to step in and speak common sense. 
She hasn't even been elected to Congress yet and she's already fantastic at regularly saying crazy things and pulling out the victim card whenever necessary.
If the options are, intellectually defend your political beliefs or play the victim card...she's always going to go with the victim card.