Maybe it's time to find a new cause, Davey. 
So The Washington Post has a "conservative columnist," which basically means they have a leftist who, to borrow the language of the day, "self-identifies" as a Republican, who just made a rather wacky prediction about President Trump resigning from office.
Because it's easier to compose a series of incredibly provocative and ignorant posts bashing the world's largest religion than it is to simply crack open the pages of its sacred scripture, a liberal college professor from Minnesota State University has suggested that Mary didn't consent when the Holy Spirit impregnated her with the Savior of all mankind.
If we are at a point in our culture where we're discussing the racial undertones of cartoons starring VEGETABLES, for crying out loud, clearly we live in a privileged nation. 
This is the face of the green agenda, and while I can't condone any violence that puts human life at risk, the way Parisians are reacting is certainly appropriately indicative of exactly how much green policies are in the best interest of the people. 
It's like Democrats are in a competition to see who can waste the most time and tax dollars, and boy are they giving it their all...
"Presumably for the person who has everything in their life apart from a bundle of sticks."
Keep the gaffes coming, AOC, we're loving them. 
Is it a slow month for cultural appropriation or something?
It's amazing how many ways the Broward County Sheriff's Department completely and utterly failed to prevent the gruesome, heinous attack that happened on February 14th, 2018 at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida. 
It's time we stop going along with the notion that literally everything is offensive and start just enjoying American culture again. 
At this point...shouldn't they just let students and faculty carry their firearms on campus?
There are probably a lot of people out there who aren't sure whether to be more triggered by the fact that this dude hurt the environment or that these people had the nerve to assume the gender of their unborn baby who, at that point, was just a clump of cells. 
Well, now we all know Barbra Streisand is a sexist and apparently thinks it's still 1951. 
AOC is in the third chamber of government now, so maybe once she's inaugurated she can sign a bill that will help these folks out.