You can't hide from the past, Hillary, no matter how good you are at lying about it. 
The President's Tweets are normally a dumpster fire of inarticulate rage and bickering, but in this case, it takes a particularly new low considering there is literally nothing to politicize about this tragedy. 
Apparently, carpetbagging in the 21st Century no longer requires a carpetbag. 
Gee, I wonder where he's going to be handing out his dough next?!
Maybe, if Comey wants Democrats to win big in November, he might want to hang up his campaign meddling hat and stick to gossiping about Trump's tan lines. 
So...should Trump have brought Putin a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Because that's apparently how Schumer thinks you show strength.
The further they go down the intersectional path, the higher the bar will be for diversity.
It's not surprising that her newfound admiration from a very favorable media would be going to her head! 
This is the story of the boy who cried "literally Hitler!"
David Hogg is back! At least, that's what he's hoping...
25,000 Americans did not give their lives in the most impactful Revolutionary War of all time to see our future Presidents bow to the Queen.
Sorry, Al! Maybe you can try another USO tour?
Oh, Democrats. Never a dull moment. 
You can always count on Trey Gowdy to bust through anyone's bad defense.