Apparently, the fake news media has gotten so far ahead of themselves, even the Mueller investigation is telling them to chill out. 
Left-wing politicians have been pushing the idea of a "soda tax" to lower healthcare costs for years now, because if you're on the left, taxes are always your first solution to fixing anything, right? 
One of the small children whose image they've been gleefully exploiting to try to gain public support for their entirely selfish agenda also wasn't even separated from her mother.
We know that the news media is doing everything they can to milk Paul Manafort's criminal proceedings for all it's worth (Trump Russia or bust!), but ABC went a little too far this week.  
We know by now the media don't care about saving lives, they care about pushing the same old narrative they've been pushing for years. 
Peter Fonda is actually calling for an uprising of "90 million" people to subject members of the Trump administration and his 11-year-old son to unthinkably heinous violent acts, while the only repercussions he's had to face so far were most likely a few angry calls from the people who wrote his apology for him. 
If you think conservatives in the US are angry about George Soros' political meddling, imagine how the Europeans feel! 
Many parents over the last decade have actually sent their children unaccompanied to the border, which the Democrats seem to have completely forgotten (they really have short attention spans, don't they?)
Radical leftist group Antifa is up to their old tricks again, only instead of punching people they disagree with at a protest, they have placed their metaphorical sights on Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over President Trump's immigration policies. A...
Poor little Davey! He's been trying oh so hard to stay in the headlines, but unfortunately, his attempts to broaden his horizons and boycott all the things is not going very well. 
Usually, when terminally ill children are connected with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, they are given the opportunity to meet their favorite sports star or superhero. One dying teen in Texas, however, made an incredibly poignant and humble request: to personally ask Texas Governor Greg Abbot to end human abortion. 
Please excuse me for saying so...but what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with leftist?!
Nikki Haley is now officially the mic drop queen of the UN. And it's honestly exactly what we've needed in the US' representation at the global governance organization, where we provide 22% of their budget and yet frequently enjoy constant brow-beating and finger-wagging for operating as the sovereign nation that we are from countries with heinous human rights abuses. 
Actor Jim Carrey has seemingly gone bye-bye, as the once hilarious comedic actor has traded in tickling funny bones for agitating folks with politically themed artwork that is strange and bizarre to put it lightly. Carrey has previously done paintings...
If there's one thing we've learned about Rep. Trey Gowdy over the years, it's that he's not the kind of guy to take it easy on folks who abuse their power and participate in corruption, a truth we have...
Actor Robert De Niro has really done a bang up job of making it clear how much he despises and utterly loathes President Donald Trump, taking occasions in interviews, while delivering speeches to high school kids, and spewing vulgarities...
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is not exactly what you'd call "well liked" by the GOP and for good reason. After all, she's partially responsible for Obamacare and a whole host of other nasty policies that have negatively impacted...
Ben Shapiro, the patron saint of debating leftists, breaks down exactly what he goes up against every time he steps foot on a liberal college campus accompanied by hundreds of thousands of private security amid a heavy police presence and rapidly melting snowflakes.