The House has opted to send a message to Rep. Ilhan Omar and her obviously anti-Semitic remarks posted on her social media profiles, passing language condemning anti-Semitism which was added to another resolution by a vote of 424-0.
The United States Treasury Department released a statement about the national debt and it's super painful. If you don't look at this astronomically high number and feel like puking, you might not be grasping the full impact of what our debt means for the future.
President Trump, notorious for his expertise in the world of trolling, took Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the woodshed, mocking her ridiculously dumb "Green New Deal" during a rally held in El Paso, Texas.
If you get a group of lawmakers in a room together, eventually, they'll all admit to wearing blackface.
If AOC is the kind of kid that will soon be ruling the world, dear, sweet Lord help us. 
It might not be enough to preserve the careers of politicians in Virginia who are being thrown under the bus by their own party, but I guess for the likes of Behar, she's done enough progressive pandering to atone for her sins. 
There is not only inequality in the ability to accumulate wealth in our country, but an inability to comprehend basic economic policy in Congress. 
Trump Derangement Syndrome seems funny at first, but to learn it's a real thing, well, that's just depressing.
I don't know if this is just empty virtue signaling, willful ignorance, or an actual plot to keep violence-plagued communities voting Democrat, but whatever the case, it's absurd. 
In case you're having a rough day, are burned out on all the crazies out there, or need to stock up on arguments to use against stupid people on Twitter, here's Ben Shapiro's recent annihilation of socialism, which he executed in under four minutes.
While the Democrats have been tirelessly digging for Russian dirt on Donald Trump for well over two years, they're unlikely to find anything on Trump that comes close to this video. 
Maybe they should stick to cat gifs? 
It's been a pretty frustrating news week, so imagine my delight that not only had Jim Acosta announced he was writing a book, but Twitter has been thoroughly enjoying ripping him for it. 
One journalist decided to let his hatred flag fly high in the sky concerning the latest fake outrage story perpetrated and deceptively reported on by the mainstream media, however, his choice to vent his emotions came with a heavy...
An 8-year-old girl was brutally attacked by a crazed man with an ax who murdered four people in her home, but thankfully police arrived in the nick of time and managed to rescue the girl.
Take a break from the shutdown madness, all the hysteria over Trump's fast food feast, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mania and have a chuckle