I think if I had to experience half the garbage that gets said about Rep. Dan Crenshaw, I'd sob into my Haagen-Dazs every time I dared to check Twitter.
In statements to a gaggle of wealthy campaign donors in the Hamptons and at Martha's Vineyard over the weekend, the 2020 Dem hopeful expressed that, of late, she has “not been comfortable” with the Medicare for All plan she co-sponsored with fellow contender Sen. Bernie Sanders.
You know, wildly uninformed opinions on Twitter can really cause a lot of stress for people's interpersonal relationships. Maybe the government should step in. See how that works?
For all her flaws and issues, you can't fault Ms. Williamson for adding positive, healing energy and good vibes and really just cleansing the aura of the 2020 Dem sideshow, man.
Does this mean the native heritage lie is finally dead? Probably not.
No, not just because Americans could use their Real ID to hitch a ride up to Ittoqqortoormiit (yes, that is a real city) to buy a pet narwhal, or because a massive frozen wasteland would make a great penal colony or a place to cryo-freeze a supersoldier.
We're about to the point where most Americans would trust gas station sushi before trusting a single politically-related word out of The New York Times.
"The government is doing everything it can to tackle the senseless violence that is traumatizing communities and claiming too many young lives."
As the most insane manifestations of leftism continue to metastasize in American academia, Campus Reform is one of just a few voices of reason doing something about it.
I didn't see Sharpton with a broom and a trash bag in his hands to help chisel away at the decades-old trash in the city's streets, did you?
Well, alrighty then. I can see where the news organization gets its professionalism and dedication to facts from.