"He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it."
"I was very excited and impressed by the Cuban Revolution, and there was Kennedy and Nixon talking about which particular method they should use about destroying the revolution," Sanders recalled. "Usually I'm sufficiently unemotional not to be sick, but I actually got up from the room and almost left to puke because, for the first time in my adult life, what I was seeing is the Democrats and Republicans, both of them … clearly there really wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the two."
I don't think I'd be talking about dishonoring Virginia, the state whose motto is literally a death threat to tyrants, if I were Ralph Northam.
I mean, why not? The dude's not a serious candidate, he might as well be an absurd one as well.
As a reluctant New Yorker, it's my dubious privilege to share with y'all some of the absolute insanity coming out of my state, such as banning plastic bags, vaping, and Nerf guns, as well as childish rants from our...
It's wildly hilarious to compare how these folks act when one of their own party is in the White House compared to the 24-hour hissy fit they seem gripped by when a Republican has the hot seat. Especially if you turn it into a drinking game.
"Why would anyone, especially an African-American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile? How can an individual who’s been embraced by the city of Chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims?”
"The Selective Service System is conducting business as usual. In the event that a national emergency necessitates a draft, Congress and the President would need to pass official legislation to authorize a draft."
"In a very real sense, the missiles that we saw fired on U.S. service men and women tonight were paid for by the billions the Obama administration flooded the ayatollah with and if history teaches anything its don’t give billions of dollars who hate you and want to kill you."
"So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg."
AOC's dream of herself as the savior of democracy and the climate might not come true after all.
Reaching peak senility at a campaign event on Sunday, Biden spoke about plans to totally eliminate fossil fuels especially coal. The dude literally declared his intentions to put fossil fuel executives in "in jail," if they didn't comply with his demands, then said we'll all be dead if we don't stop using fossil fuels.