Jim Acosta and CNN can, of course, write, say, air, and publish whatever they want, so their rights are clearly intact.  What the American people apparently do not have is a right to not hear from Jim Acosta. 
Only one thing was clear: whatever the problem with funding the $3 trillion dream of universal healthcare, it's the Republican's fault. 
Like any good socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already mastered passing herself off as a working-class hero while secretly being anything but.
Because he didn't want to change his time-honored characters to suit the desires of the radical-left cultural Nazis, he will forever be remembered as a bigot, apparently. 
The beautiful thing about private enterprise is that, no matter how dumb an idea may be, if there are people dumb enough to pay for it, then you can still profit.
If you happen to listen to Chris Cuomo of CNN, then you probably don't think there's been a drop of voter fraud in the state of Florida in the last midterm election, despite the fact that Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been shown to have violated election law.
Well, it seems North Korea is up to their old tricks again, deciding to follow through with plans to expand its ballistic missile program at 16 secret sites.
If we can't lend a helping hand to our fellow Americans when they are in need, despite vast ideological differences, what have we become as a nation? 
I don't know whether to say "ouch" or "yikes", but either way...Dems are in trouble. 
I know you're a crazy progressive who hates liberty and everything good and pure, Nancy, but boy, do I love you sometimes. 
Jeff Sessions was forced to resign from his position of Attorney General on Wednesday, but those who are big fans of what he accomplished during his time in office may not have to say their goodbyes just yet. As it...
All in all, it was essentially what you would expect from a bunch of largely-millennial and progressive voters who actually thought this left-of-Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez representative with a drunk driving history actually had a shot at winning the Senate seat in deep-red Texas. 
That might be the most epic, brutal takedown of a left-wing reporter that the world has ever seen. And the thing is, Acosta deserved every bit of it.
And that, my why friends don't let friends vote for socialists. 
“No, I’m not voting for the Republican Party. Will you please get off my property, black n****r.”
Remember way, way back in the day when actor Jim Carrey used to be really, super funny and entertaining to watch? Those were the good ole days, weren't they? Unfortunately, Carrey has traded in entertaining folks for being a political...